I was initially dismayed that Arsenal to not have signed any heavier hitting midfield nor forward players (Benayoun and Arteta) as I think they need to be up there fighting the likes of Chealsea and ManUtd and new boys City. Though it was amazing watching all the transfer news and rumours unfold online.

Why on earth did Arsenal and other teams allow it to go to the wire like that ? Well I think its down to trying to get a bargain. Its like no one wants to be left out ! Arteta for example at the last minute (kind of) tells Everton that he wants to leave. Arsenal I think did the best they could after loosing Cesc and Nasri this summer tried to get some experience and talent for as little as possible. Getting a loan player in Benayoun will be a good thing (just paying wages) and the Arteta deal for me was expensive for a player who for my money isn’t worth this much. Though I’m a bit like the old skool and no player is worth over 5 million including Mesi. This is down to the false market that has gotten created via the agents. They control the players and the money. The clubs don’t want to spend this much they can’t enjoy the debt !! Its why for me that Arsenal don’t spend like the rest there is a sense that some big spender is going to go down heavy. It happened to Leeds and could happen to ANY club including Man Utd – If ManUtd all of a sudden had to make good on the debt they would be forced to sell all the big names for what they could get. Its much like the sub prime collapse to me. But what do you think.
Getting back on point Arsenal did great in strengthening their back line with 2 internationals, how many times did you hear Mertersacker cleaning up another English run and at 6ft 6 he will be able to defend against the likes of Crouch and perhaps threaten at the other end. Santos replaces Roberto Carlos in the Brazil National Team and I think this is their second best buy.