I am preparing my floor for a 8 m x 4m room quick step laminate flooring. I have read up on all the instructions which seem to be a bit unclear on the following points.

Assuming I am starting on the front left corner and working to the right..

The initial boards need the front tongue removing clearly but the spacers seem to be made from 2 pieces and I hear 2 different ways of using them.
If they are spacers..

a) shouldnt they be uniform – a triangle isnt ! If 2 are placed back to back yes then it makes a uniform space.
b) if over the 8m length the wall isnt straight ? I may arrive at the last wall with a diagonal line flow with the edge of the board !

No instructions mention this – it was a guy said that he uses a line marked perhaps with chalk ? and then uses the spacers horizontally at DIFFERENT spacer thickness to keep to his line ignoring the wall.

So some tips might be helpful on this please at the very last set I am going to have to cut the base of of the door architraving (wood 🙂 ) and shape the boards to fit in. I am hoping to use a shim with a pencil to stencil the profile on the boards and jigsaw the profile out. May also have to glue the last boards in as I may not have space to use the click.

Thanks for all your ideas and experiences. I am looking forwards to trying to do this myself as a bit of a challenge I think its mostly prep work and being careful.

I’m going to use a table saw for cutting the boards and will assume that it should be pattern up to minimise chipping though a table saw should help with this anyway.