..as I try and show you who I am and demonstrate my capabilities.

Process and innovation in the recruitment chain. Has there been much ?

In my day (MY real day is yet to come !) there were very few routes into a particular role even finding the companies themselves posed a problem, remember libraries and periodicals that held some clues. This was back in the day when you could reach someone on the telephone IF you had the number. I am surprised at the increase in recruitment companies given that companies can find candidates online and find out a hell of a lot ! Engage with Linked In who have taken the social networking idea in the professional domain. And it works well. Though be sure your exposing enough and not too much, keep it professional. I feel the increase in recruitment is due to the ‘easy money effect’ though the recession sorted out some of the fly by nights and yes some of you offer a great screening service. Other problems were that we didn’t have printers so you had to type out your cv ! TIPEX !!!