A great program explained to me the financial side of the Premier League and I now understand what these American investors do. Like the Glaziers they borrow to buy they don’t have the money so the loans have terrific interest repayments which is fine in the case of ManUtd but what of Portsmouth. The wages issue seemed clear cut to me and AS spent some time visiting the various stake holders the managers the owners the players and the last and lowliest the players agents. Sharks they may have been portrayed as and the one did get to speak his defence and it was very flimsy indeed stating that the club has full control of a player. I have to say that this doesn’t seem to be the practical case. Well Arsenal seem to have done very well of late despite no trophies for a few years now financially they are ok, compared to the others at the top.

I like the UEFA sanctions imposed and wonder how they can play out. These are effectively limits teams can spend on wages – will be a big shake up. But football really needs it. In fact other sports can learn from what the Premier league have achieved in the tv rights and viewing and this should be a goal. But in that hand and out to the players is the issue. So lets hope we can get some control in the next 5 years and get football back.