If you are looking for the best hostels then why not consider these criteria.

1) Security of your belongings – it may seem strange but the unwritten code has served me well over they years and it is only valuables that I consider I must get locked away. My favourite method is by my own padlock (get a thinnish stem to fit small holes) with a metal locker so check that there is this. Most hostels at the least will offer to keep your valuables under the counter consider while this may suffice also consider the queue every time you want something like your passport while booking your travel bus from the tour agent round the corner.

2) Location – Of course this is important the more expensive that travel is inside the city, being close to the sights is very handy. Rome for example has many cheap hotels a long way out of the city so you need a train to get in. Checking the travel reviews will usually tell you this. Also consider that you could be in a bad neighbourhood, only you can check with some research, and it may not always be possible to stay in a nicer part of town.

3) Social Areas – There is a great deal of fun to be had from mixing with people also backpacking and it has given me great pleasure and great lifelong friendships made with the classic line ‘where are you from then’

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