I went to view (girlfriend in tow) the show homes on Gaul Road this week end. Unfortunately there were no 4 bed places to view and a 3 bed one should be fine but they have very tiny gardens. The location is pretty good being with walking distance to the town centre and the west end park in March. However the prices seem to make a lot of that location.

Nice color !

The two bed homes start at 130k, there is also a shared equity plan the developers Cannon Kirk will lend 15% of the price at 0% interest and after 10 years will require the original sum plus any percentage of equity gained, if the house makes a loss they still require the original 15% after 10 years. This is great for those who dont quite have the deposit and for value the two be homes are pretty good. However prices in March have been taking a beating and you can buy a home in the town for 70,ooo GBP ! so most people will have some option of getting a home. Still I think the 2 bed terraced houses will sell.

Turf extra !

My bone of contention is that the three bed homes aren’t much bigger yes they have a third box room but don’t have any bigger garden nor garage and yet the price jumps 25k !!! How on earth we can see where that is coming from I don’t know. Plus in the town for 150 k you can get a garage nice garden and space for that, so really you have to say these are overpriced IMO. Things are just starting off and they have just opened this week end.The agents dealing  with the sales are Sharman Quinney. Things again jump wildly for a detached house and 4 bedrooms then we go up to 220k. it will be interesting to see how quickly they sell given the currently challenging conditions. Prices are not exactly rising the odd good example is selling but many are slashing their prices.



As a 2015 update it is proposed that within a 1/2 mile will be NEW MARCH RETAIL AND LEISURE developments – http://www.cambstimes.co.uk/news/business-news/war_of_the_retail_parks_set_for_march_as_second_proposal_is_announced_and_within_a_mile_of_the_first_1_4075424#