If you want to do well in search then you need to have a fast performing website. Those people wondering why static webpages have been jumping up high in google despite being small sites and yes often full of links as thats what they were created for then it could be due to their static nature.

We are arriving at a moment as google is penalizing the hell out of slow loading pages. While I agree that this is a good idea there seems to be an unfair penalisation of sites that have dynamic more exciting things going on than a site that is rarely changing. Blogs are less likely to be hit unless they are polling from other websites as they don’t tend to perform as many duties as full CMS systems. Joomla sites are getting hit hard. I know I administer a few and there modules at times are loading in some heavy SQL. Still this is from the perspective of the site itself. There are many places where you might be hurting in site performance and the following link is a great start in understanding what is going on when a browser asks for a web page to final delivery. I am hoping that the bad hosting companies go away and indeed I would hope also that google takes a better position on sites that do have some interesting cross site interaction as this is web2 and that means javascript and cross site api’s for example loading in some flickr thumbs based on your site page theme.

Check gomez out and the video here. http://www.gomez.com/multimedia/Demos/waterfall/waterfall.htm