It seems too much like dating to me, and even then I am the straight talking guy and thought game playing unnecessary but that’s another story.
I just sent my cv off to an agent and it is altogether too much like dating and gamely.
Should I call shouldn’t I, on their end they were testing me in hindsight to check my motivation and I was following the direct words we took on the telephone.

Its all a game so it seems when it needs to be anything but and clarity should be name of the game. Transparency in business is usually a good thing I find though not giving away strategy obviously. Yet I am increasingly dealing with the youth of today and these young people are crying out for love, you must NEED them and show it as a recruiter. You must be their new best friend beyond politeness which I am- always!

On another note about six months ago I was reprimanded by one via an email for talking too straight to a colleague of theirs. Yes it was a firm email but in my defence they had been ignoring my polite requests for too long and then came the firm demand (still polite) and the holier than though little shite sent this email !

Watch out for the young they work differently and will need you to cajole and humour them, they must feel like they are making big business, the new bollock on the block in and they have very little respect themselves for preserving a relationship even a difficult one. Who in business doesn’t have a difficult customer ? We all would love to tell them to go jump but they allow our business to work. Yet the youth are telling them to go jump. When the need arises if ever the director will be sent THE email concerning said youth.
Do you know who your staff are emailing ? Beware these kids are the new gatekeepers and it is the way things are going, be prepared to kiss their ass if I ever do I might realise they open up some great new opportunity, it’s just not my style.