When I first heard they were going to do the air strikes, it was here we go again. There was a firm commitment that there would be no troops on the ground, really what difference does it make. In for the penny in for the pound. But from a strategy point of view can the rebels do the job on the ground with just air support. I doubt it, but lets be optimistic.

Airstrikes alone soften up the ground troops and destroy the enemies ability to shell you to fear but you cant take a town with an airstrike.  So its expensive and the results are now in and as I suspected. We don’t really know where to go. I am guessing that at least it bought some time to size up public opinion.

I’m sat on my fat arse watching Rocky I and its the scene that goes with the song that injects us men with an immediate jolt of testosterone and makes us feel like getting a pitbul to walk the streets without a lead cause we are the knuckle draggers. Oh that was funny they just cut the end of the song when he is on the steps hands in the air…music a pumping and we get tesco every little help. Well thats better than 118 or the meercats. Could we send the 118 guys in as a crack unit. They might get passed as local with some boot polish.