Well it did come as a bit of a shock but I know what Lord Sugar (LS) was going on about. I thought that Stella might have been removed for being a bit old in this day and age and it is supposed to be an Apprentice job at the end of the mile. Well in case you didn’t hear the news Elizabeth better known on the show as Liz got FIRED, Liz (the one styling herself on posh spice) also had a bit of a ding dong with Stella last week in the boardroom and didn’t think it was very fair. Well I did- it’s a competition and this niceness is all her and in fact you value her values as a friend but you wonder if she has the killer necessary for business. I feel I lack this killer a bit in myself and it can be a bit of a weakness. Still being human and aligning myself to my customers does me well in the opposite direction I occasionally and more recently trust has got me into hot water. Anyway more on the more interesting show.

Tonight’s episode was about negotiating with a tour kiosk to sell their created tour and creating Tours in London. It was pitiful from everyone, a very hard task obviously no one had decent product info but they surely could have one better with the very public speaking and selling. Stella and Jaime went on the buses but this was no comedy. Cringeworthy material from everyones performance for example Jaime showing off the thames as Londons second biggest river. And the Ghirkin looking building being called the Girkin and  Westminter Abbey, “you can go there and enjoy it and er it’s a church”. The show tonight lost a lot of credibility for me personally (though it was at times enjoyable) and if I were worried about ratings or getting links back to this blog then I might have not have said that but I’m really annoyed with the BBC mighty powerful people they may feel they are they are for me degrading this format I love. Tonights episode was not a serious look at contestants competing for a proper job. These candidates are suitably weak in so many areas I wouldn’t employ any of them.

There was a constant tension as Baggsy went head to head with the customers, Chris Bates , the tour kiosk lady. Tonight Liz should have shown up his weaknesses and decisions which cost them the task. Not clear was leading it today, for not the first time Staurt Baggs knew nothing about what the value should have been instead taking the way of starting high and working the price down as they bite. If you have a lot of money you can test the water like this but not in the space of a day. They lost the cooperation of the singular tour kiosk as they decided they wouldn’t get much takers at these high prices set by Baggsy despite the commission being high on any sales. So it was a double idiocy – this let the other team in who failed to exploit.

Chris Bates as a trader used to making perhaps snap decisions promised the kiosk people 20% of ALL revenue down to poor Jamie’s tips (god knows how he got any) . This would have been make or break and as bad it was to give 20% of all revenue it was vital to get the kiosk working for them and they did winning the task even after 20% deductions. Now 20 % isn’t high in tourism for comission its just that they should have been making a bit of 100% elsewhere.  Nick said Jamie was very good, certainly in effort he gave and in truth they all gave a lot of energy but they all got it so wrong. Jamie also had the better creativity of them coming up with the popular Ghost Tour certainly I didn’t think the east end is quite ready for a tour Baggs was right here but he seems to not worry wanting to take out Stella if they loose it. Joanna in a most UNprofessional way tried to go back on the deal he made this is not lost on LS in the boardroom and otherwise was nagging to the extreme Jaime who put up with it well. I think he may be my favourite for the job now.

Stuart loved Stella choosing a cockney theme and he was going to pin it on her, she didn’t know enough got lost and it was her lowest moment perhaps. LS said that Liz might do a good Harvey Niks tour and she laughed but here we see the depth he sees in her. Staurt recommended Stella go on the bus, I would have loved to have seen Baggsy on a bus – it would have been awesome, still we were treated to some top class bull shitting in the boardroom, he certainly threw enough and some of it stuck, proving the expression right tonight.
Liz didn’t come up with enough and her taking stuff ‘ on board ‘ record though she is nice didn’t show LS what he was looking for. Next week the hard interviewers get their chance and I can’t wait to see them rip a hole in Baggsy though I think he may be too young for them to hit in the ways that they know. Youth today responds differently.

I will work 24/7 for you – LISTEN – …yes he said listen to LS

I’m not a one trick pony- I have got a field of ponies waiting to run towards this…

LS likes Baggsy for some reasons he holds dear perhaps there is some meat to the story that his company turns over 3m and its down to Stuart the brand Baggs.
Well if you want to watch the episode its here, just prepare yourself !