Stuart showed some really good qualities this week and I can’t work out if he likes Laura or not. My god she is so indecisive still, how did she last this long ?
This week saw the few remaining contestants coming up with some Crisps and trying to flog them in Hamburg Germany. Yes this was the foreign program. Is it cutbacks that caused them not to all go as we saw just two from each team this year. They had two distinct parts to this show designing crisp flavours (if Alex had still been there perhaps we might have had boozy crisps) and then selling them as they could to some laid on buyers and some whatever they can get…
Chris Bates has been in the Boardroom so many times and I do think he has been unlucky but I think he has lost some stuff due to his pitching being poor as well. He sold one dress but how far will he go with that ? So it was a ballsy move to put himself forwards this week, perhaps this might endear himself to LS but would surely mean him getting fired if his team lost.

Stuart the brand Baggs (or Herr Baggs), declared himself not available to run as he was ‘knackered’ very bad move indeed, and it was Stella that decided she wanted to lead again. She had a great show and does best in the front and when not leading helps a great deal in any task given. Perhaps she is front running with Liz now in my mind ?Joanna has a mouth that is slightly too big and is a one if not two rick pony. More interestingly Stuart got Stella appointed as head manager, this is no doubt strategic he fears her. But Stella couldn’t back down as Stuart put her forward and no one else wanted to. Stuart showed his reasons for Stella to go as he said its a win win – treat or Stella leaves, he really developed a hatred for the Older woman last week while making DVD’s in the back office.

This weeks embarrassing moment of many was in the crisp factory where Laura gets unequivocal disassociation from a strategic decision but makes herself look spineless in the process and unable to take a big responsible stance on anything, she won’t be winning this apprentice series. The decision was over the Beef and Stilton flavour crisps (I do hate the way we need to go with a a British theme or at least someone always does- I guess some are still proud). “So you happy with that ? “, “yes but you know your the Project Manager” so its on you…yes she protected herself from being called on this quite important decision but I don’t think that LS would fire someone on the basis of this and he probably finds such insulting? do you agree what do you think LS looks at ?

Baggs on Stella being worried that she is not at any of the key meetings “I’m not happy with not being at any of the key meetings.” SB- “Its going to be about trust” – yes indeed and the lack of it perhaps shows in her expression at least for such big deals that may win or loose this task. In fact Stella does a wonderful job of getting to a key meeting before they do just with the natural flow of time but  Laura throws the strop of the series so far and Stuart does well in trying to get her positive.

The best lie in today’s show – Joanna on saying “they are a great success in the UK. But the crisps were good on taste and Joanna does have a great way of charming when she needs to Stella was there and happy to let her take this good rapport forwards as Thomass (the buyer) was satisfied and placed an order that may have been influenced by the fact that the other team delayed their meeting with him until 1.00pm the early bird gets the crisp deal. Not only does she get a sale she gets him to commit past his German tolerance of 3 months gets 3 months (with a cool off period NOW THAT’S CLEVER as that might mean if he cools off that Chris wins ????) and Stella might just have got her win at least today. And Joanna will impress as she may just have also won last weeks task in the DVD sales too she deserves to escape a bad week and will perhaps though now there are for me few bad players. Watch out all the others.

Where did they find the shop guy who was saying they are funny crisps yes, s erious serial killer face…then they are a little bit phat and strong…he was great value. Had to include some of that stuff. I would have liked to have been on that particular shoot. Punchy fists together express that crisp flavour kind of guy. “No “guy  – “No”- chris “No ” guy you get the gist “guy : ” I don’t like it serious face”

Called into question – Karen Brady’s taste buds as she said the goulash crips were remarkably good. On the whole we saw that no one really liked the samples that Chris’ team liked apart from KB ! And this could have been key but little was made of this in the show.

Chris Farrell – ‘I hate the Germans as well’
Chris Monotone Bates ‘are we ok and happy to go forward with curried sausage’
Joanna-‘I want a sausage I want a curry and I want paprika…have I got my point across’

Why on earth did Jamie tell Chris Farrell to postpone a meeting with a major supplier ? We may know if they ask him when he gets fired if he fails to put out. Property development can be an easy win over the past decade so long as you have capital it doesn’t take a genius mind. To take a global strategic decision in general business takes perhaps more and his skills are not there.

Don’t miss Stuart Baggs and Laura pitching his dodgy German and her dodgy rapid English !

The teams had to come up with original flavours and the overall lack of creativity..

After this weeks show I really mostly detest Laura and she has to run out of luck, she has pushed hers more than anyone and her abilities can’t take her anywhere. She complained so much this week and gave nothing really from what I could see.

My final comments…

Ok who is teaching this girl to pitch, neigh talk like this…”I have every confidence that the people that are buying these are the people that are going to be the people that make success in the coming years.” – Now thats a powerful crisp ! Melissa couldn’t have said it betterer herself. I have never seen stuart baggs silenced in voice and in facial expression. And to paraphrase a great BBC television production fawlty towers the guy must surely be saying to himself “how did they ever win the war” – well it was indeed the crisps that people ate that made them the people that were the people that won the war. And ate the crisps.

Watch and see for yourself  The Apprentice if you want to see who lost and why, its quite the less interesting point this week and I am so bloody busy I want to write more but just cant so these are the stickies. Apologies to the people that might read this and be the people that will become some people.

Or read and discover that Christopher Farrell got fired for loosing the task. He was pretty poor up till now not creative full of keywords like a seo webpage good at running a production line but not much else. Very good at back biting so I dont get why he was labelled the guy everyone liked…again we see a subset of goings on…

I just came up with a great line …”when the chips are down” I bet slouching towards thatcham has already come up with that read his stuff here I see he has also mentioned fawlty towers. I really need to read his take first as its getting pretty bloody similar and I’m sounding like the man Chris Bates in the Boardroom…