I was kind of checking my iphone as per normal I was waiting in the queue at Sainsburys , feeling slightly nostalgic as I was leaving the area. I grew to like these moments of waiting thank apple for modern technology. So it was only as I was emptying my wallet that evening  as I noticed the receipt handed to me by the Indian guy with the intense eyes I took to be due to the fact that he was slightly imbued with the ritual of making sure we had our loyalty card and bags and that the meat was placed in a separate thin bag to satisfy those who need this, the intensely needy that surround my soon to be ex neighbourhood. So it was with pure shock and a slight drunken haziness that I have never experienced that I read in blood on the receipt “SOS save us we are almost of the dead” what the hell – did Max play a last trick on me for sure before I moved out, but how the hell did he get my wallet it has been in my trousers since. Shit I must be getting old and senile. What does one do just forget about it yes OF COURSE ! Some practical joke its bloody Sainsburys, guy got some ketchup on his hands and saw I was alseep in my virtual world and had some fun, that must be it even though its very odd and ketchup doesn’t look like blood.

Except for the fact that I was present at a lecture on vampires 5 days ago in the British Museum and the fact that I’m curious, bored of life and had presented that lecture and that the past week police had taped off two streets within my neighbourhood , we had all presumed a gang leadership battle was ensuing. It may well have been as they are all about clans and turf. Shit something is kicking off and they found me ?  Shit I need to go to the Sainsburys I may have an evening free and I need the thought process that a glass of the red stuff can provide and I need to brush up on my Indian Vampire Clan theory, they like the taste of their own first.