To sum up last nights episode of the BBC’s Apprentice , I will do it in rough quotes

Laura says ’30 minutes before leaving for Pinewood Studios’
6.00am > Laura and Sandeesh
‘Laura I have absolutely no idea what Pinewood Studios is Sandeesh: I’m quite sure that’s a furniture store somewhere – Laura :do you think we will be making furniture ?’

Stuart Baggs ‘I need to reign in my excessive masculinity’,’ hands up for waterskiing ..laura is that a hands up its half up and down (queue Laura indecisiveness)’
‘just don’t stand in the way or you’ll get 50 grands worth of sports car in you.’

Stella and Joanna : ‘we offer you the ride of your life’ – sitting on the toy car having blue screen film edited into the background.
‘Can’t help but notice your looking at out DVD experience- your right it is that darn good’ Chris Bates on more dodgy sales patter. But it beats not saying anything.

Joanna has saved baggsies skin his week- her ability to sell the overpriced dvd saved his team.

‘you look like the milk tray man in that outfit’ – deadpan delivery from chris farrell.

The Boardroom

‘Will keep some on ice for you guys’ Stuart Baggs on winning the task to the opposition.

LS : ‘it was too little too late’ – Yes Sandeesh hurt her credibility earlier she had a good day and should have won the task had the pricing been better and the props ideas also.

Stella on winning the task later in the task >” Lucky for us that you’ve made so many screw ups you could have SHOULD have won – Stuart Baggs face tells it all.

We see a grating between Jamie and Chris Bates a couple of time this episode and Stuart and Stella in particular danced lyrical coded insults.
Joanna shone this week being able again to sell very well, Chris Bates again in the boardroom survived but may have gone had it not been Sandeesh’s week to go. LS had picked her on a strong team and she took the wrong people in the boardroom after LS had hinted that Jaime had not helped the team. I agree 100% with Chris’ assessment that he goes into a sulk. He needs to be pulling it back in I say again this week. Christopher Farrell coasted again with some backbiting as per usual. I wouldn’t be surprised if he follows next week. SO far I have managed to pick them apart from Paloma’s departure.

Watch the episode here >>