I am awoken from the future as lucid as the screen in front of you. It was a future console game but you would not recognise it as being a console nor does the word game do it justice. It was in the future and enormous fun.
So what had awoken me from this experience, dream experience.  A noise that of a baby mouse. Either too terrfifed or thinking i had not seen him could not see him if he remained still. I hit snooze and made a noise hoping he would do like the normal adults, but no indeed he was under me bloody feet all morning as i was getting to work. I left went to my daily grind and hit my capoeira class. On returning after a couple at the north star on finchley road watching manchester derby Im at home call the gf and expalin both the dream and the mouse. I liked the mouse that was clear though i could think mostly just of it pooing all over my uniqlo body warmer. This mouse this morning had alowed me ot get so close i was 5 inches away studdying it, smelling it at he was me. It had an eye missing. It was not acting like a mouse it was a mouse unlike any other.
Then my flat mate tells me he caught a mouse not 10 minutes after i hung up and like 5 after him getting home, i think back to the traps he had set and i feel like shit i ask if it was a baby he said yes. I felt like bad and annoyed. this mouse was easy prey it allowed me to get so close.
He tells me he caught it in a box lid, it was not dead. We both being big softies release it outside I am almost ecstatic its alive, I fear the foxes or birds it has just one eye. Its young its meat. I hope it survives to wake me this morning – this mouse is me.