I’m way to busy this week to blog as much as I would like so I’m going straight into the boardroom.
The candidates have really calmed down and are knuckling down fatigue is showing.
The biggest un realised tell for my money this week : Chris Monotone Bates pitching AGAIN – perhaps goes toward loosing team Paloma the best fashion designs, this was their biggest problem. Yes Palomas team lost by about 500 quid and guess what she got sacked ! I was so surprised that Sandeesh escaped again. She does this big eye to a narrowing eye thing as she registers you its creepy. Even Lord Sugar didn’t want to choose from these 3 I think he wanted to keep Paloma there longer but her attacking Alex was her downfall. I have been saying it all along that Alex has something behind his words, with PR men we all kind of expect them to be wimpy pen is mightier than the sword types with no strategy but in Alex’s case I am not sure. He’s not up to Paloma’s standard when it comes to marketing or business perhaps but he is s self confessed nice guy and we live in an era where perception is more valuable than the truth the young understand this and so does Alex. And his style of firm fighting with control in the Boardroom saved him. Chris Bates might have got into the Boardroom for my money but would have been a harder opponent for Paloma. Oh yes he got a sale and it was quite big but he would not have on another day, he got lucky, he really did – the guy is wooden ! No style and is an Analyst at best.
Sandeesh picked her game up again and I think behind the scenes was rewarded with not getting fired. It was close and she gets the great escape medal this week end.
Paloma Vivanco tried a bit to use her good looks and charm in selling but Manchester is just not Kensington and a 300 quid dress or 100 quid waistcoat is not going to sell.
Stella on team Liz was in the window at one point and it stank of desperation, she knew it was the problem and Liz seems sometimes to have hair brained ideas, she is so strong in sales and style that she did steer her team to victory she won this one in the pitching. The guys overall are clueless about style which is quite funny.

How did the other Chris end up on the winning team again. He is also no good dealing with the public his patter isn’t there , he’s an organiser and a factory manager.  In fact this team without the great designs (they won with enthusiasm for them) would have lost I believe.
Stuart Baggs seemed quiet and held his ground, why didn’t Vivanco take him into the boardroom ?

When is Lord Sugar going to see the wooden guys Chris x 2 for the business savvy they don’t have.

I for one am sorry to see Paloma leave we would have at least gotten to see some style in the show and Peruvian passion.