The Boardroom
The sales figures were seen as quite high for both teams, of note Stuart didn’t make any sales so he may be feeling his time is up. Jaime defended his corner well though his decisions to take the wrong products to Debenhams was discussed. LS (Lord Sugar) was further frustrated by their lack of listening with respect to rules on the task. Stella sold 60 shower heads which were disqualified as they sold below the trade price.
Onto Chris’ team and a joke ensued when LS asked if Nick was going to model the gut sucking t-shirt, but it wasn’t until LS then suggested Alex that it became very funny and the boardroom was as relaxed as ever.
The scores come out and each side got orders disqualified  Jamie looked very relaxed and assumed a win when the sale for £63,750 for B and Q was announced this on the back of zero from Debenhams. His two birds with one stone plan failed. He had missed the point that retailers are interested in their thing only. Well 76 k was their rough winning figure on total sales. ‘ Thats a big number ‘ Lord Sugar said.
Liz did very well for Apollo selling 19k roughly to Debenhams but the winning sale of 99,000 babyglo’s put a smile on her face and the teams though they must have known by now they had won with an overal total of 122k roughly. Disqualified sales made no difference but Melissas pitch with the dodgy demo unit did; Stuart  ‘whatever i touch turns to sold’ Baggs couldnt have got his hands dirty ! Stella was very poor in this task I felt today perhaps she didn’t relish getting pulled down to Mel’s level ? Jaime had the bad players today as there was nothing for christopher farrell to do he’s looking like a one trick pony. The winning team went off to a Spa and the loosing team had a great chat at the greasy spoon..

The Greasy Spoon
Jaimes emotion switched around a few times during the boardroom results and now it was clear to see that he laid the blame with Melissa. It was a poor showing all round but with no one else pulling her up she showed her inability to pitch and sell. What was interesting was the sub teams were pitted against each other – they are initially fighting about the disqualified orders. Melissa had no room for ‘Manouvrement’ as she invented a new word. ‘Don’t shout at me I can shout loader than you’ as Melissa battles Joanna have we seen the last battle between these two – hadn’t LS used that line this series already ?’
Back to the boardroom

F@$k whats with the shoulderpads – perhaps Melissa needs the edge and power trip. They don’t work for you is my 2p’s worth.

Getting into details it was the subteams pathetic contribution that lost them this task. Loosing the better babyglo product due the team not listening or Stuart we will never fully know, however Stuart was initially criticised by LS. He brought Melissa into it knowing her bridge was weaker than his own today perhaps we could get a double sacking ? Karen Bradey witnessed Melissa being annoying and Melissas response to this feedback was shock and ‘Really..’ Jaime then has to get his say in and why he pulled her off the second pitch as she isnt capable of shutting up after the initial pitch and he said that he couldnt tell her directly as she was would have been so disruptive. There is no way she is surviving today. Stella takes some crit from LS and Jaime is asked who he should bring back in, here is where we see some ally making as he commends Joanna and Chris which was unnecessary but clever and makes him out to be less bad boy. If your going to say something negative try also to say something positive no surprises as we see Stuart and Melissa brought back in.

‘I’m not like a firework that goes crazy’ – M

‘Your like a machine gun’ – J

‘Look Stuart every time you open your mouth you offen someone in the vacinity’ -M

‘I have a bag of potential skills that could benefit you in any given situation’

I can feel a glacier melting as Stuart guffs hot air into the atmosphere I’m not taking credit for that joke its all Lord Sugar 🙂 …’I have sold yo yo’s in the playground …and then fall on my sword if I fail’ – S

‘When you lead a team you need to make sure you have got everyone covered’ Lord Sugar , great advice indeed.

In the end LS said he couldnt handle Melissa nor trust her in front of people and fired her. She sits there a moment in the hope he might change his mind then realising she has to get up and leave gives us quote of the week.

‘Well done on ganging up on me – Horrible People’

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