I was looking forward to tonight’s episode, for no better reason than the numbers are going down and there is no where to run any more. Jaime Lester on the rendezvous at the Science Museum ” Its either going to be stdw Science or Museums” It was early and you know when your in that mood or have that feeling like you should say something. I have come out with some stuff in my time so in fact I am liking Jamie already today. He has impressed when I got past the ego which they all had to have.

Who I like in the Guys
Ok lets have a round up of the boys..The surprise guy for me is Alex he was or was edited to look a bit of a words man but I see something in his ideas and creativity. Chris and Christopher are great blokes but I feel a little wooden and they don’t see the bigger picture for me at least yet.

Who I like in the Girls
Stella impressed when she led the boys and Paloma is let down by her good looks and we don’t want to take her seriously though she has impressed me as well. Liz perhaps has played a great game of being everyone’s friend and has not been in the boardroom yet, and I think is one of the ones who needs to show her skills a bit. Joanna has something when she isn’t in battle but in business you need some of that, otherwise the women aint worth mentioning apart from Melissas got good hair. There was a blogger who suggested Laura was quite fanciable and glad she escaped LS’s AXE and thats exactly why I’m crap at marketing because what I like aint what other people like.

On with the show…whens the dog and pony arrive.
Picking the teams again saw Melissa stepping forward after last weeks win, though it was clearly stated LS thought it was not so much to do with her. Did she again say it spoke to her and this was her bag ? De Ja Vu Jaime also wanted it. He had surely a claim as he hasn’t PM’d before and he got the vote. Christopher Farrell is lacking leadership in stepping up perhaps as an ex marine he has the bravery so it must be strategic right ? It went to a unanimous decision and thank god melissa didn’t mince her voting like she did her pitching oh thats right silly me she didnt vote. It was a full house for Jaime , Melissa looking dejected.

Is it just me or is what is missing is an in house camera between tasks…

The other group decided on Chris as he put himself up, monotone as ever but seemingly very capable so far.

So this week it was a bit like Dragons Den – Inventors were showing their products non of which have made it to market and the groups get to pick which products to sell knowing what retailers LS has found for them. And this was the key for LS, matching the products to the retailers was going to mean orders, quite obvious really if you think about it. So lets see…

As a product designer here is my 2ps worth on the more interesting ideas

The back slouch er – wireless beeping when you slouch courtesy of an elasticated strapon device 🙂 – over engineering, its not even very clever really and very impractical. Posture is key but somehow I got it into myself to self check a while back and I would not need this device.

The sculpting t-shirt – this appears to be a corset type tshirt but at 50 quid retail as Stuart Baggs quite rightly said will gather dust. If its pulling the stomach in tummy ache will surely follow ? I’ve got a six pack anyway 😉

The energy saving shower head – It also helps the pressure no ? Well I think this is the best product at 30 quid if it works. Rocket scientists have been heard to say, “ok claus so that is the nuclear fission engine  taken care of I wish my shower was simpler but its shower science and no one can come up with anything..”

The Baby glo – a jumpsuit that changes color with the baby’s temperature as an indicator to help reduce cot deaths etc…You can tell when a baby is the wrong temperature no ? but it seems some mothers and fathers can’t so here it is – a solution – those that can’t tell won’t buy it but retailers will like this its a good buoyant market and the results of this weeks test is not do they sell to the consumer these are commercial  buyers buying…Every one really loved it on both teams.

Jamies team lost the BabyGlo as Stuart Baggs was a bit brash (as edited I didnt think over the top this time) and forcing the issue of retail price and questioning it for a big order with the inventor, to be fair to him you should question if large orders reduce costs and they should in reality as economies of scale take hold.

The spade/fork – a two handled device for turning soil, a nightmare to store and using it may prove beneficial to a minority of users, if you need to turn soil there are better mechanial options I don’t see this working but I’m a purist on this.

The Pitching the pitch fork
Ok so back with Jamies lot and they are pitching shower heads to Debenhams and they say we dont do shower heads etc…Jamie had a kill two birds with one stone approach in trying to tempt them. It backfired and Melissa tried hard to get them to think again. As it was edited I dont feel she was over the top but as it sounds in rhetoric she didnt listen and took a big bunch of crit for just accepting no. A good salesperson do they take no as an answer ? – I let the sales people decide ? I think she is taking the can for Jamie mis matching the product to the store she is just trying to make a better situation. Why on earth not ? she does make the mistake of not letting the bone go at some point however and it becomes annoying like she is.
Que next product Debenhams don’t sell and again Melissa.

Oh god Chris isn’t trying to pitch again is he ? Knowing ones weaknesses is a good thing..He goes in to Debenhams trying to pitch the RIP t shirt, they say its expensive – It is ! and no one can see why either, no USB conectivity is there…ok Liz goes on to the Baby Glo with Alex’s help the pitch is great, this is his forte and Liz is good too. I just have to say that not modelling the tshirt or showing them how it works might go against it. Alex and co leave with much back slapping and praise is Alex made by Microsoft – I detected a problem and shut down in the middle of that important document before you saved it aint i great 🙂 You know what I mean you have seen the show now…

Back to Jaime’s team and prep for another pitch tomorrow, Melissa being an absolute dictator but she is not in charge. Jaime has the best trick and  learns how to control her – DO NOTHING NOW ! This can be a great solution to many problems. It seems to work this time. She isnt happy but the team are moving forward and she isn’t handicapping them as she has in the past.

Thank goodness the teams head out of London on the way to the rest of the country the real England and as a businessman this should represent a bigger market ! Some interesting banter goes on as the teams split up, should Melissa pitch perhaps the biggest lead that Joanna got – she has a talent for cold calling ? Jaime isn’t happy the obvious question is why isn’t Stella doing it ? Joanna is promised 50 % of the sales if any happen because she got the lead. It has made for some fabulous arguments in this episode see the Paloma Laura and Sandeesh squabble – “I just closed that deal – No you didn’t”. Back to the Melissa pitch she is thwarted by a buyer wanting to pay just 6 pounds a unit and a demo that isn’t working. I think had the demo unit worked they might have seen the value. I want this detail – WHY DID THE DEMO UNIT FAIL – its moments like those that hit me and only me – or so I thought 🙂

Good thinking Paloma as we see the girls trying to sell to the tshirts to the Gay guys in Soho via the outlets there, again an exclusivity thing as we saw in week 2, and Laura is right there. For such a high cost 50 quid retail I can see why a retailer would want that. It’s also a market that this tshirt would suit if it may be the only one.

Every episode of the Apprentice we see a high heeled beauty running – ‘a hard ware shop look !’ Baggsy leads the charge and Stella brings up the rear.