Oh my how the lions turned to sheep in today’s program. It seems they all are ready to learn and start working together and stopping the infighting, but as you will see some still cannot resist the arguments.
The task was another tough one similar in nature to the Sausages Episode. The two teams had to bake stuff and sell it to 2 outlets and then sell onwards the surplus. Skills tested will be the manufacture and sales. Creativity is less needed for today’s task still a creative muffin will sell more than one stuffed with glaced cherries (The buyer seemed horrified ! Possibly had a bad christmas experience and ate a tub full LOL).So the teams are mixed so that I have to refer to them as Team Apollo and Synergy.
Melissa jumped into this though Jaime was ready and wanted it but to his disgust he didn’t get a vote. Mellisa’s experience in food was perhaps the reason. Nevertheless it was so funny Jaime- “This is going to require no mucking about and great organisational skills”. Mel – “me too”Jaimie – “I’ve got all of that in abundance”- Mel – “me too” . ..watch it ! Mel has so many more words at her disposal than the Dictionary, not to mention winding them into these expresions “I’m a mixed bag of nuts and this task at hand speaks to that bag !”

Shibby took control of team Apollo with no objections, what the hell lets call it Shibby’s Team and Mellisa’s Team. Why did they want this task – I would not have fancied this one myself ask me why or maybe you feel it too…“I’m passionate and I’ll smack your bums if I have to !”..Shibby’s lot get a quick decision made about classic breads muffins and brownies.

Jamie -“Mel YOUR THE EXPERT HERE plug into your experience” his ego is massively bruised and its showing…he is now making the most of any inadequacy in Melissa and there are many to make his point. She is non committal and they loose time in choosing something. In fact they don’t. Its not a serious issue yet as the bakery can make any thing.

So off the sub teams go to the Bakers.
Christopher gets the bakery sorted and forces a decision on the flyfrom Melissa – Alex goes into the pitch and hands over to Melissa “le pan artisane” he just cant get enough of it..Melissa’s mop is mad as ever but well carved and she asks what they need more than what they are selling. Bread Rolls comes back as an answer from the tough looking restaurant buyer.
“I’m going to work out some costings for you” Melissa says her mind must be blank..they have to leave the room as the customers suggest it might help. Then they are left in the room 15 minutes ! You have to see it. To blog the nuances of what is going on requires too much…pathetic and then the figure is I’m sure pulled out of the air or should I say Hair ? £1.82 per unit is the price of a bread roll – queue Jaime “That was diabolical”.  He’s right.

Shib team are up and Shibby takes centre stage polite and short to the point, within a few sentences they sell Bread Rolls at 6p per unit. This is sounding rather more sensible but I’d say way too cheap, still I’m not a baker..Paloma manages to sell more “up sell” they call it and in the process “we can absolutely guarantee delivery” as the baker sounds sceptical. He’s right to be that’s a lot of units of baked things 1900 or so. Paloma – “Did you like the up sale with the muffins ?” In case you missed it and then for good measure repeats and underlines with a high 5 to shib man who looks relaxed in his role at the helm. In the cab they break the news to the sub team in the bakery. They look stunned Liz- “croissants , were not making croissants!” Shibby – “We will make whatever our clientele ask us to make”. cuts to Sandeesh – “Forget it were not gonna do it blah blah blah” I have to say I have worked with some tough people before and this brings t all back. Success comes in cans ! Liz is not much help too at least from the BBC context.

Great we hear from Baggsy in team Melissa who are complaining that there aren’t any commercial orders coming down- “I’m an excellent salesman an amazing salesman and excellent picture”, or was it pitcher 🙂 he is complaining he shouldn’t be on baking duty.  Perhaps in part due to the pricing and lack of professionality in the pitch. Joanna Is keeping well quiet today. Melissa is backing down from pitching and Alex steps up as Jaime’s chip is still there. And to Jaime’s credit Alex gets complimented on his Pitch – it was good. If he drops some of his cuuliness he would be a contendor, AS likes his straight talkers and Alex doesn’t.

Back to the final pitch for Shibby, coolness again but the buys get uppety when he mentions another retailer. The buyer is almost childlike , if they were not your only retailer then they wouldn’t feel right continuing” Paloma backs off and leaves it to the “leader”. Shibby makes a stand throws his pad down at the pissing contest they (buyer and himself) clearly both just had.

Leading us to a Quote’s of the Episode “Were not supermen – you know !” – Shibby and “I’m not happy with it” like its a skin melanoma or some botched botox.. Karen Brady’s eyes dart back and forth to asses the buyers take on this shocking style. I have to concur myself with Shibby in not promising something un full-fillable they offered less but these guys wanted all or nothing. Paloma – “And your final call is ?” (So we have no doubt who makes this decision) And then we get a direct forceful and righteous “No” – I doubt whether the buyer has had one of those in a while ! Great TV moments like this I love the BBC. We cut to them leaving and Paloma distances herself from it and says it was “highly embarrassing”.
I created a new paragraph just to say that I loved Paloma’s top! She is very very stylish indeed.
A tale of two bakeries
Christopher has team Melissa working as they arrive back and he has stuff under control with not an overload of orders he has been able to do this. He is direct clear and proactive. NH loves him.
On the other hand the other Bakery is a communication shambles and Sandeesh is still complaining. They will not get the order finished its obvious. Shibby no longer looks so comfortable.

Delivery and Sales
After a short nights sleep at 5.30 am they are back up and out to deliver bad news or muffins. Shibby has to appologise and its priceless that he managed to do 16 out of 1000  especially since he has dressed like he’s chairing an episode of Rainbow. I think he’s annoyed to be up early and he perhaps knows he has lost the task. He might be resigning himself to it as he is laughing at the situation in front of  shaun the tough baker. Something tells me that they had a backup plan ! This is TV after all. In the same vain of incredulity Shibby gets away with giving them the stock and 130 quid compensation. Surely Melissas team will win.
Melissa is not able to sell the glace cherry injected muffins and sells just the bread. So its onto street selling for both.

The selling part of the show is worth watching Shibby goes for broke and sells his heart out chris is selling wearing an oven outfit. There is a sinking ship feeling. Trying to get back 130 quid is going to be tough. Melissa is feeling it and her true self comes out with a spat with Alex “Theres no need to get arsey” – she would be the queen of arseyness.

Baggsy has had a haircut and is looking like a new man. It has been a long day and they sold everything the last stock went cheap.

The Boardroom
Synergy: Melissa Alex spoke up against Melissa she made another enemy. sold 999.37 costs 139.50 profit of 859.87
Apollo: Shibby sales 974.92 costs 308.93 profit 665.99

Without the 130 compensation this was a close run thing, the manufacture was the big issue for Apollo.

Melissas team wins a glamorous arabian meal with dancers. Don’t miss this belly dancer waving her thrupny bits at Baggsy while he holds her massive yellow snake, Christopher’s eyes alight with fire as well.

The final fight
So Shibby takes in Paloma (why did he do that) and Sandeesh. He took Paloma in as he was saying she up sold too much and that Sandeesh was a bit idle. Both were quite true, interestingly Paloma was caught in a lie that she didnt question Sandeesh’s commitment early on. It came to nothing and there was debate.
Sandeesh – “if thats what it takes thats what I’ll do” again to my mind that’s saying that I’m doing the minimum. Why not do it before it gets asked. Exceed the expectations don’t find out what they are then deliver just those.
Well she perhaps contradicts this in her CV stating that she will propel AS into world domination, yes that’s TV and coercion your not telling me that wasn’t forced onto her by the BBC ?

I’m at a loss again for the second week running how this happened but the wrong person went in my opinion “after a thorough examination its bad news –  Shibby your fired”

Sandeesh is in the sights after tonight she scraped through but after just 3 Episodes the picture is becoming clear – vote for your favourite here

Or watch the 3rd episode on IPlayer The Apprentice s6 e3