Given the task to come up with a travel product ‘a totally original beach accessory’ the teams are slightly changed notably Stella full English to the boys side we will still refer as this team today as the boys. Stella gets straight in “any disagreements I’m just not going to put up with that” tie fiddling ensues and the boys looking sheepish – don’t forget this is on the back of her having a win and the boys a loss.

Queue Laura – bit of blurb about her ½ mil procurement of business in her last position and her telling us how she can manage any kind of personality thrown at her. Isn’t it awful how we spend more time managing the people than the tasks. One of the things I like about the apprentice is its quite close as reality TV can get to reality.Shibby telling us how lonely he is at the beach and needing a tool to get suncream on your back. Surely this is the best excuse to chat up a woman ? – perhaps not the thought of putting cream on a complete stranger requires money normally. I agree great problem and as a product designer I’m not going to tell you how I would solve this one ! Still Shibby’s idea went down like a lead balloon. I don’t get using the bottle of water as a pillow however ! Aren’t these execs who can afford sun loungers ? Chris’ commando mind leaps in and finishes Jaime Lester’s idea – not bad and very doable given a tight time constraint and more to the point Alex would buy it !

The shouting is starting and there are too many chefs chez the girls “can I speak please” we hear Joanna say and she comes out with another great beach problem reading a book or magazine without your arms dying. Though shading your eyes is a secondary use for a mag. Another idea a cheap collapsible seat – if that’s an idea and something original. It’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease and Joanna’s wailing on wins round the team. If the product is good it’s a great problem to get solved.

A day at the beach
Oh god Alex please stop arse licking – talking about AS and bringing out phones…trouble is he is creative otherwise I wouldn’t like the chap working for me.
We have three guys packed off to the beach (Bognor) in search of something, I think we are trying to make the show more James Bond like with the location work. The guys seem to be focusing on the name – what’s in a name without a good product it’s meaningless. Though to inject style into a product is important and the name could help here. Onto the design of it. Jaime really does have his vision and does a good descriptive job of briefing the client. Critical .
The girls lacking creativity don’t use tools like blitzing ideas and getting some travel magazines out and they lack a clear vision of their product. These poor designers have to get a prototype out overnight. This is going to limit the designers desire to design the best they will just get it out of the door, do we really only get a day, cant they work better scheduling BBC ? Laura picks up stick for this but in a real situation she may be doing the right thing going with a bad idea would be worse. The 3 girls (Sandeesh,Liz and Paloma) who were sent to research appear to be having it easy at the beach with fish and chips and dissing the idea as it has now been made.

It becomes clear why Stella has moved to the boys team well disguised BBC 🙂 they are going to get her to model the thing while wearing a bikini. Anyone know the editor or are they selling uncut DVD of the series ?
The products arrive
The BBC really need to get a new brass band in for the music, maybe I watch the show too much. Still they are mocking the design of the book eeze as it comes in separate parts (its because they had a night to do it in) The boys cuuli however does look good – I won’t have one though Alex. And it isn’t Cool. I spend 5 minutes shaping myself a bed in the sand and draping my towel over it and yes ladies I am dripping with water bronzed and looking cool.
Joy on the girls team isn’t happy and quite rightly so it’s a poor prototype due to lack of time probably and she was ok with the idea. We haven’t heard much from her how could we over the cacophony.
Chris does a test pitch. Its very wooden poor and he hasn’t got this particular skill. But ego doesn’t let him give up on it and he gets Stella to make a bad decision and give him a go. Jaime does far better. Will she rue that choice ? Nick Hewer is having a great time pulling faces. Stella is showing a weak streak to me, there is a place for nice in business just not here. On the back of this Chris comments that her management style is ‘piss poor’ he is dreary and monotone it wasn’t just the pitch. His ego took a massive hit.
On the girls side Melissa Cohen injects as many made up stylish words as possible. Can’t the word see we have had enough its not Cuul anymore especially when I cant type it on an English keyboard. Joanna kicks up and says we need to nail this. The word ‘bitchy’ is returned and its all a bit much for Laura. These girls are really really hens.

The photoshoot and pitch
I like Stella she’s not at all acting this out and doing a good job with the photo. Funny she asks Nick not to look as it’s not at all steamy. And she didn’t dart straight into this being on national TV…
The girls are directed by Paloma who is just getting the shot while the effort is being done by Liz and Sandeesh, Paloma did get her hands dirty last week in the sausage production line. How could we forget I wonder if she asked Nick not to look at that ? Sandeesh coins Princess Paloma due to her not helping to pitch in with the sand job. The photos are good and will go some way to convince the buyers as a product needs to be sold not always work. Am I right ?

Boots (yes I hadn’t really considered them a travel brand retailer) and Next world duty free plus Kit2fit. In no particular order.
Chris delivers a bad pitch, Stella why did you allow this, this is your SALE ? This is the most important part selling this product now. The wording was a bit suspect and male driven halving the target market for me. These guys don’t speak holiday and sunshine for me. A buyer for boots said it looks like a rolled up towel to me. For me that isn’t a problem until the boys tried to sell that as a feature. In essence she was saying don’t tell us what is cool tell us about the product. It will either be cool or not and not because you say so (I FINK)
The girls are at it in the motor – ‘don’t say your sorry your helping the team just say it’ Joanna is preaching again. Also she took all the credit for the name of the product, ‘me personally’ just so as there was no doubt..

Chris is spinning another Scenario that sounds like a yarn. Jamie does well at taking some of the questions but the sheer size seems a blocker.
Melissa invents another new word comf-tability. Chris for the boys is changing his pitch as the day goes on it seems to tailor it to earlier criticsm. Boots buyers liked the girls product and the colors but wanted exclusivity. Laura drops the football handed to her somewhat but I know why, still its an awkward moment not a positive one. Paloma is against exclusivity and Sandeesh is spot on with her advice. We cut to see Laura going back in or so it looks like.

Back to Alan Sugar and the Board.
The results were not too startling considering the products and dodgy prototypes that for me made this look very much a fake part of the TV show. We let that ride. So the boys got a 100 units for sale with kit2fit otherwise nothing and the girls sold nothing at all. Interesting how Nick and Karen made a show of delivering the figures looking through finding a needle in the haystack when they just had to remember that it was zeros all the way except for Nick. More theatre to come when Karen delivers that Boots liked the product and then ‘but you blew it when you turned down exclusivity’ (Laura fixes hair) she don’t half like the theatre does Karen Brady can’t wait for ..

AS not impressed of course but getting to the interesting part. The boys go off to private golf coaching relief in Stella clearly visible. The girls get invited to go off and do something they couldn’t do yet – have a conversation.

Your Fired
Back in the boardroom only Joanna and Melissa like the product, so why did it go ahead, [much more clucking follows]
Laura takes in Joanna and Jo in with herself but I cant see how she will deflect the decision to not take the exclusive order. Asked why they shouldn’t be fired Laura and Joanna did seem more passionate I can only reason why this is why Lord Alan Sugar said to Joy “Your Fired”

Quote of the episode: when Jaime compares himself to an exploding bottle of champagne which needs to go off or it will jolly well explode something like that.

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