Sausages are to be designed made and sold as boys v girls kicks off series 6 of The Apprentice.

At a lowly hour of the day the candidates all realise it’s a bit of a risk to head up so early on. They each pick a name that will be carried forwards as the teams will mix later on according to Lord Alan Sugar (LS).
The two teams from now on are Team Apollo (women this week) and Team Synergy (the men).

“Do you want to put yourself forwards” dares a woman to another – ‘no I don’t’ cleverly but will loose some brownie points for not taking it on, still a good move we shall see. So Joanna Riley who owns her own cleaning company steps up. Very bravely or foolishly as it’s normally the captain of the loosing team who will be fired historically. The guys turn and no one is keen ‘So is there anyone who wants to throw their hat into the ring’ – tonight there is no shortage of verbal diarrhoea and posturing as the men size each other up and look like boys. And a men steps up and takes it on with a power slam onto the table top no one shall mess with me ! Meet Dan Harris Sales director..’I’ll leed the team and you do all of the work’ [the sound of tumbleweed can be heard and Karren Brady’s ball point pen] – humour was miss delivered as the guys are clearly looking to oust the fool. Still they should be concentrating on not defeating each other tonight and working as a team it doesn’t look good.
Back to the girls they are talking flavours for their 3 sausages and ‘Lamb and Peas‘ doesn’t float well…Back to the guys ‘beef and stout’- Dan Harris leading from the front with some brainstorming gets a storm of “boozey banger” ”fruity banger” “firery banger”..sets off another. These pair get at each other over these names before talking flavours which surely is a mistake after all they will be sold by sample I am thinking..still one guy was being particularly churlish and a rivaly is born…”. A decent switch to strategy on meat content and going for volume was agreed by the boys. Back at the table Joanna deflects a good discussion on costs in order to get order but will it be in error ? She dispatches some women to go get some meat at 3.00am !

The teams are in Smithfields market in London to buy their meat and it’s the middle of the night. The girls go for a gourmet sausage strategy which is 70% meat (they buy 280 quids worth) so a different approach to the boys. The boys meet much more than their match in the market and learn that their negotiating skills (based on arrogance and a rush rush policy are at best not getting them the best price still they seem to be in a position to get a decent margin if they can create a decent product. Onto the sausage fest
The sausage factory comes with some expert help and then they are left to themselves. The girls are making pork and cider, chicken and chilli and lamb and mint. Switch to Marketing Manager Paloma Vivenco the one of the lookers as she does the “skinning a sausage scene”. Hilarious was she set up by the TV crew ? Innuendos aside she starts to churn out some good looking meat pink coloured sausages. The boys are getting on with things but Dan’s style is barking efficiency and not helping much. In the boardroom if he hasn’t won he will have no allies. He hasn’t made any attempts at making any as we see so far. He may need a scape goat if the sausages taste as bad as they look. Jaime Lester- Overseas property developer is quick to call the operation a shambles and doesn’t seem to see himself as a part of that. He may just be right as the mix is very little meat – que some kind of health police ? or for Stuart Baggs just call the police for abusing the customers ? 

She sells sausages He sells sausages

Selling budget bangers in Portobello market seems a little odd to me. The customers are going to be discerning here and critical I think this is a mistake, did they decide ?
Stuart Baggs – Telecoms entrepreneur way too much aggression when trying to push to the punters- alienation and fear is not the best tactic. Though the reality of the show mean that repeat custom isn’t a requirement notes are sure to be made of his style lets see how he progresses. I’m betting he’s out of the show shortly. They got some beautiful footage of him being aggressive with the public.
The ladies will need to do very well at Leadenhall Market in the financial district as they have high package price to cover, their sales force will need to be very good. They are trying to sell at 6 pounds in money per pack, a big mistake in the costing has happened again. They also didn’t seem to be organised with their stall and griddle getting it started way too late meant they lost sales.
The boys were selling ok from their stand and send out 2 strike teams to get more sales as things slow, but the moods and tempers flare as there seems to be a lack of direction and target. The girls are selling amazingly perhaps its due to the cameras? Would you buy sausages at 6 quid a pack ? The short blonde haired girl (aka Melissa Cohen) has another confrontation about closing the sale, Joanna rightly says its unimportant and raises the ego of blondie as being an issue. Watch this space for these two. Dan is messing this up doing a stock take now his guys call him on it but he isn’t being moved. Sales have bottomed out for him and the girls are on a roll, still their profit won’t be large due to the cost error so its all to play for. ‘Shibby’ got a bulk sale to a restaurant in the end amid furious back slapping and twitish behaviour. I love this show! Again without the camera a stiff No would have been the result, buying sausages un inspected from someone walking in being aggressive in the bargaining..

The Boardroom
Blondie was rebuked by Nick for backing off the team leader job and more importantly nick did mention her snipping at Joanne all day. Dan was far too relaxed (but well hand picked by the TV show) inviting LS to ask him to sit up normally – he all but had his feet on the table ! Not a great start when you may have felt the task didn’t go your way. But for the telling scores…When asked how good a leader he was Shippey showed himself as being a good fence sitter!

The figures
Apollo 860 spent 538.84 profit 321.16
Synergy 593.33 spent 287.43 profit 305.90

Congratulations girls !
A champagne barbeque at their new home the gorgeous Georgian townhouse set in the west end is the winners reward. OMG I want to scream too as the girls did on seeing the infinity pool ! ! ! It was a long day I must say they are ready for a barbeque? Sausage anyone ? Another of the lookers sucking on a sausage the BBC are getting racy early on. The girls on leaving the boardroom were quite well gelled together in victory I can’t wait to see the egos next time round perhaps they may crack in defeat.

Quote of the day “We are in a crappy situation” Dan on loosing the task what he might have said was I’m in a crappy situation- he will have purely enemies tomorrow on facing LS.

Dan pulls in Stuart ‘The Brand’ and Alex – a surprise to me having seen the editors cut however. Stuart is an easy target, his aggression selling and behaviour.

Its hard to see who is the biggest mouth and I thought Stuart had trashed talked himself into a firing these guys are so alike I didn’t mid which got fired but in the end I think it was the slouch and nature that got Dan the boot.

Dan your Fired !

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